WAG Worldsec Corporate Finance Limited (“WAG Worldsec”) has twenty years of establishment (Worldsec Corporate Finance Limited was established in 1991 and merged with WAG Financial Services group to form WAG Worldsec in 2002) with an extensive track record in the provision of professional advisory services and financial solutions to corporations across the world.

Worldsec Group, WAG (Greater China) Limited and Gain Victory Investments Limited (collectively referred this cooperation as the “Group”) are current shareholders of WAG Worldsec.

WAG Worldsec has an in-depth understanding of the capital and financial markets in Asian and the Greater China region, and, with close connection with world famous institutional investors and industry specialists, have successfully completed numerous listing exercises in the exchanges in Hong Kong and Singapore.

WAG Worldsec possesses a professional team with extensive experience in new listings, private equity, securities analysis, mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring, and is able to provide tailor-made financing solutions to suit individual client’s needs.

The professional team members of WAG Worldsec have been involved in provision of services as the financial advisors and sponsors for initial public offerings (“IPOs) of many corporations in Greater China and Asia (see credentials in section IIA).

The Group also acted as the financial advisors of the many listed and private companies assisting them in different types of funding raising and transactions, such as private placing, acquisition/disposal, corporate/debt restructuring, Hong Kong listing rules and takeovers code related transactions, application for resumption of trading and whitewash wavier (see credentials in section IID).




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